We refuse to be defined. But let’s try.

tofu, (noun).
coagulated soy milk, bland, white

Yeah, we know, Tofu sounds bland. But with a little imagination, it’s a delicious, prism-shaped blank canvas. That’s the point – as a multidisciplinary design agency, we see the world in three squishable dimensions. It opens up aesthetic and kinetic possibilities. Like food porn so explicit you hear the crème brûlée crack as you scroll past. And benchtops so smooth you find yourself absentmindedly stroking them at night.

You can’t achieve that kind of brilliance in an email chain. Or while chewing on stale biscuits in a boardroom full of competing egos.

To make it happen, you need an neighbourly team of pros. Designers who’ll meet you at the whiskey bar to chat tap fixtures (we recommend the 12-year-old Yamazaki). Who’ll be waiting with your ristretto ready to chew over branding. And who’ll be there when creativity strikes in the shower. Not holding a fluffy towel – we’re not total creeps. But send us a text after you dry off. We’ll reply.